Justice is a Dish Best Served by JSOC [Daily Inspiration]

May 3, 2011 in Inspiration, Random by JamieTDL

I don’t mean to go all patriotic on you guys but, seriously, fuck yeah.  All politics aside, it’s a symbolic victory and I’ll take it.  This just proves the old saying, “Justice is a dish best served by JSOC.”  Plus, I think it’s cool that there are groups like DEVGRU and ISA and SOAR full of tippy-top-secret “dudes who look cool in wrap-around sunglasses” who can pull ops like this off.

Outside all of the killing with cool weapons and walking around with a badass secret agent vibe, the best part of being a Tier One operator has to be all of the opportunities to say cool lines from movies completely in context and without irony.  Sure, I might belt out an inspired “Yippie Kay-Yay, motherfucker” every once in a while, but my wife usually frowns on that kind of behavior in the supermarket.  These guys, though, they get to be serious about it.